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Dr. Patel is the best dentist I've had!
“Dr. Patel is the best dentist I've had! She's pays such careful attention to every detail and has a precise hand when it comes to plaque removal. Her office is very welcoming and has the best technology. Her family is also extremely nice and the office staff is great. We've been coming to her under recommendation from another friend for a couple years now and don't see us changing anytime soon!”

- Cathrine H.

The best dentist I've ever had
“I selected Dr. Priti Patel by recommendation of a friend. I haven't been disappointed in any way. Dr Patel explains what she is doing and "why" in her treatment. She has been VERY educational in oral hygiene, explaining preventative actions in detail, even demonstrating HOW to properly floss teeth. Yes . . . how to "properly" hold and manipulate floss. She is gentle, and even filling cavities is done with care. She has excellent needle-placement when injecting novocaine, which is VERY important because I don't like needles. She has a calm, gentle demeanor. I can't think of a single negative experience with any visit I have had to date. In fact, "seeing the dentist" is not a negative experience for me. I look forward to my visits because I think of her as a friend as much as I do a dentist. I consider myself fortunate to be one of her clients! She's the best!”

- Orlando I.

Great dentist
“Dr. Patel is the best! She is very approachable and her professionalism is unparalleled. She takes time to answer questions, always has very sensible and practical solutions to offer. She is sensitive and accommodating. Her office staff is excellent! Shoshana is very efficient and amazing with setting up appointments, managing cancellations and rescheduling appointments.”

- Asima S.

“I feel lucky to have an experienced, competent, and caring dentist to take care of my dental needs. I am always impressed with the latest technology that is employed and with the friendly and efficient staff that are a positive reflection of the management.”

- Irene N.

“Dr Patel is a very competent dentist and has a soft touch, so after she has cleaned your teeth your mouth does not feel raw.”

- Shyam N.

“Always a plesant , professional visit”

- Roark D.

Friendlyl Office
“I love Dr. Patel! She is very knowledgeable and will definitely take care of you.”

- Anna H.

“As always a great day in your care”

- Mark K.

“Friendly competent staff that knows what they're doing. The location is also convenient (right off of Hwy 85) near Good Samaritan Hospital..”

- Mark H.

“Dr. Patel is always friendly and upbeat. I have known her ever since she bought the practice.”

- Marla F.

“It keeps me up to date and I can follow where I am at with my dental needs.”

- Bertie W.

“Dr. Patel is a very competent and a pleasant Dentist. She is very professional and takes care of her patients”

- Mohammed U.

“Dr. Patel is very good in taking care of her patient above and beyond. Dr. Patel not only takes care of your dental needs but is also concern about you as a person and not just a client/patient. Loved every time I have been there for regular cleaning or major dental work that needed to be taken care of. Here staff are also great too - Shoshana and Giselle! I have been a patient for 18 years and on...I would HIGHLY recommend the dental office of Dr. Patel!”

- EB Chou

“Our family has been cared for by Dr. Priti Patel for many years. She is very thorough and an absolute professional. What sets her apart is that she loves what she does. She is committed to her patients and their care. We have always been able to see her if we have had an emergency. The staff, Giselle and Shoshana are courteous and they always go above and beyond to help a patient in need. . We consider our self extremely lucky to have Dr. Priti Patel as our family dentist.”

- Prav Dayah

“I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Patel for 15 years. When I first came to her, my teeth were not in very good condition due to a lack of proper dental care during my college years and before.

Dr. Patel remedied my existing problems, gently reminding me to floss every day:-)

So now, thanks to her, flossing has become second nature and my teeth are in very good shape.

My daughter has also been a patient of theirs since she was six months old.

And thanks to Dr. Patel and Giselle's gentle touch and the cheerful atmosphere in the office, my daughter actually looks forward to her dental visits!!

Susanna is very efficient in providing scheduling appointments and providing reminders and dealing with all the insurance nitty-gritties.”

- Debashree Ghosh

“A great family dental practice. Dr. Patel and all of her staff are always pleasant, professional, warm, caring, understanding and persistent to ensure we get regular checkups and treatment as and when needed. All four members of my family attend Dr. Patel's practice and we are all very happy with the attention and care we receive.

Dr. Patel is both a fine and skilled dentist as well as having great contacts that allows her to be able to refer her patients to great orthodontists and oral surgeons as and when needed.

I recommend her practice unreservedly.”

- Carl Dellar

“Dr. Priti Patel has been our family dentist for over 20 years.

She maintains a very up to date facility with very courteous and professional staff.

We are very pleased with her service and highly recommend to our friends and others.”

- Sena Reddy

“(Firstly, we are not related...it's just a common last name!) Dr. Patel has been taking care of our dental needs for well over a decade. She is so kind and caring. Her expertise has been invaluable to us in everything from caring for our kids teeth, to emergency chipped tooth, to bonding, sealing, crowns, fillings, and everything in between. Highly recommend her and her staff! Super team!”

- Rita Patel

“Absolutely love Dr. Patel and her team. They are caring, efficient and professional. Their dental practice is equally great for kids and adults. I highly recommend using her for any dental needs...”

- Arun Subbarao

“The best dentist & personnel I've ever been too and I've had several!”

- Randy Yamanishi

“Dr. Patel, Giselle and Shoshana are professional in every way and seriously awesome at what they do. They are warm, friendly and make you feel comfortable and at home in their office. Dr. Patel, Giselle and Shoshanna have been serving our family for over 12 years. We never need to remember to call and schedule appointments as Shoshanna does it automatically (now moving online) and works around our busy schedules. Their office does not ever double book appointments and is very respectful of our time. We have never had to wait upon our arrival and they are always accommodating for dental emergencies! Our family highly recommends Dr. Patel and staff!”

- Mrs. Palas

“I had a very good experience with my dental cleaning. The doctor was very patient and explained my questions. I loved the care and would highly recommend this place.”

- Rajan Ponnappan

“Priti Patel has been taking care my families Dental for the last 25+ years. My twin daughters who are now 24 years old, they got all their dental work done with Priti Patel since day one. She is very gentle with kids and adults. As much as we hate getting any dental work done, my family would rather go to her than anyone else mainly because she is gentle and patient that you don't feel all the work done in your mouth. So far we haven't had any issues with the work she had done.”

- Raj Natesh

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